Student Photo Scholarship Contest

Started by former director Dr. Catherine Ramírez, the Student Photo Scholarship Contest was designed to sustain the arts, recognize creativity, and encourage dialogue. The Huerta Center partners with the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History to display and archive the winning images. Each year there is a new theme for the contest.

Chosen Family 2019 – 2020 (three finalists)

alarcon_starsandsequoias---vanessa-alarcon.jpgStars and Sequoias

Vanessa Alarcon (Astrophysics)

Looking up to remember family members far away, and with nature towering over,
remembering chosen family expands from nature to the cosmos.


lara_thechosenandthegiven---michael-lara.jpgThe Chosen and the Given

Michael Lara (combined LALS & Sociology)

The "dead" and the “living” represent my ancestors and my present, coming together to form my loving chosen family.


mock_iwanttoholdyourhand---carolyn-mock.jpgI Want To Hold Your Hand

Carolyn Mock (Anthropology)

Welcoming an adopted daughter into their lives, she naturally reaches for her new
father’s hand, and a chosen family is born.


Recent blog post from the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History


Love.Community.Home. 2018–2019



 First Place

 Emma McWaid (Art and Sociology)


mars-thumb.jpg Intimacy Between Friends

 Second Place

 Mars Bolden (Sociology)


shanti-thumb.jpg My Nani

 Third Place 

 Shanti Kumar (Art and Feminist Studies)


Home & Mobility 2017–2018

thumb-alonso-photo.jpg Family Makes Home

 First Place

 Alonso Hernandez (Politics)


thumb-jennifer-photo.jpg Cabrona

 Second Place

 Jennifer Ortiz (Art)


thumb-justin-photo.jpg Nature's Keyhole 

 Third Place

 Justin Tahara (Computer Science)