Research Clusters

East L.A., Home of the Big Buckets (Photo by Catherine S. Ramírez)

The Dolores Huerta Research Center for the Americas is pleased to offer small grants to support independent collaborative research clusters in the areas of interest to the Huerta Center including Chicanx, Latinx, and Latin American, migration, cross-border/hemispheric, and human rights studies. In addition to programming (e.g., conferences, workshops, seminars), we encourage applicants to consider if the cluster can organically lead to larger projects in the future (e.g., websites and other digital projects, edited volumes, etc.). Clusters can be comprised of UC Santa Cruz faculty and/or graduate students in any division and we encourage cross-divisional groups.

Research Clusters can apply for up to two years of funding, for up to $800 per academic year. Though membership may change over a funding period, the coordinator must be the same person the two years for the cluster to continue. Any changes to the coordinator role requires the cluster must re-apply.   

Research clusters that are primarily reading groups are eligible for $300-$500 per award, depending on size of the group, for one year.

All unused funds will be returned to the Huerta Center at the end of the funding period. UC Santa Cruz faculty and graduate students in good academic standing are eligible to apply as coordinators. 

The cluster is expected to acknowledge the Huerta Center's support at any public events and in any publications related to the sponsored research. Clusters are also required to submit an activity or progress report by June 15th to conclude the fiscal year.
This grant has concluded for this academic year, please check back October 2023 for updates.

About the Budget

Allowable expenses include meeting costs, such as light refreshments, group travel for research or conference presentations, and the purchase of books and other supplies.

Non-allowable expenses include computer hardware, software programs.

Please notify the Huerta Center in advance by email if there are significant changes to your proposed budget. An example of a significant change is if you've proposed to use your funds for an event or to attend a conference, but are no longer able to do so. Any significant changes must be pre-approved.